Thursday, 31 January 2013


Though the mountains be shaken
    and the hills be removed,
yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken
    nor my covenant of peace be removed,”
    says the Lord, who has compassion on you. 
                                                                                    Isaiah 54:10

This verse says that even if the mountains are shaken; we very well know that the mountains are very hard and strong and that no force or might in this world can easily shake off the mountains. Rarely when the earthquake happens and that too at a higher Richter scale do we hear of landslides but the mountain as a whole is never shaken. Next we read that the hills be removed which is again a rare to null possibility.

 Our Lord says, even if these impossible things do happen yet my unfailing love; the love that made God, the Father to send His only begotten son Jesus Christ to die on the cross of Calvary, will not be shaken. The covenant of peace for which our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came into this world will not be removed from us.

The reason for this is the fact that our Lord is a compassionate God. His compassion and love surpasses all the love that is seen in this world. The greatness of His love was proved when God the Father sent his only son Jesus to die for the sins of this world. When we put our trust on this rock that is Jesus Christ we will never be shaken by the worries and problems of this world.

Let us believe and trust in that compassionate Lord and be saved to spend our life in eternity with Him. Amen! Hallelujah!! 

by Mrs Carolyn Thomas
Yeshoowa Ministries

Wednesday, 30 January 2013




            I praise the Lord for having given me this wonderful opportunity to bring to you this word of greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour JesusChrist. I thank Him for the grace bestowed upon me to write this booklet about Baptism.
            The concept of Baptism is different in the minds of people. I had a chance to hear and clear many people’s “Ideas and concepts” regarding Baptism when I took Baptism classes in the Church. These concepts were unsupported and in a few cases against the teachings of the Bible.
            So in order to clear the misconceptions of people regarding Baptism, I have taken this initiative.
            Read on further to find out what Baptism is and why, how and when it should be taken.
            A person has to receive salvation before he is baptized. Hence before understanding the concept of Baptism according to the Holy Scriptures, we shall first of all find out what salvation is?
            The world that we see today is filled with injustice, folly and treachery. People today are unable to find the way of truth to attain the true heavenly peace. Many false ways have popped up that seem to lead the people to the desired heavenly peace. They are attracted towards those ways but ultimately they end up no where and find out that they have lost their every thing to that false way.
            We desire to lead our life in a specific way but we are unable to control the outcome of events in our life. An un-understandable force of darkness is found gripping our life and we seems to toil and turn in that darkness, in vain. We do not seem to understand or predict the result of our endeavours. Many times in our lives, there comes a situation where victory is evident but due to some unknown, unexpected, unprecedented reason, we face failure. As a result we become mentally defeated, disappointed and weakened. We realise that there is a strong force out there working against us and there by weakening us.
            This realisation has been there from period unknown. The need to get away from the subsequent failures and disappointments has given rise to the religions of today. All these religions and the traditions and customs were born in the brain of the man, who in his own selfish thoughts devised them.
            In due course, the people who followed these religions were further pushed into the evil force of darkness rather than coming away from it. They are yet to receive any good thing from these traditions and customs. On the contrary they are pulled back from the true light. These customs and traditions may, at times, give a self satisfaction but are not the means to receive liberation or salvation from the evil force.
            A few people teach and preach that all religions are the same and that they all direct us to the one and the same God. If we assume that they are right, then why is there a conflict in the ways they teach? For the sake of debate, let us consider the doctrines of Hinduism and Islam. The teachings found in Hinduism are not there in Islam.
            For instance let us ponder the law of marriage.             According to Hinduism, a person can be married to only one living wife. If he marries another woman whilst the first is alive then he is considered to have committed a sin and he is liable for punishment whereas the Islamic law, allows 7 living wives for a man. He cannot be condemned for punishment. In this case if a Hindu who married a second woman is judged unrighteous according to Hinduism and a Muslim who has 7 wives is judged righteous, according to Islam then -
*   What would be God’s Judgement?
*   How would He Judge?
*   Will He do injustice?
*   Is He a God who proposes a different set of laws and rules for each country?
*   If so what is reason behind the emptiness, loneliness and strife of the people following these religions?
*   Why is there no deliverance for these people?
*   Why are they pushed into darkness all the more?

            Religion is a man made way to try and possibly attain God. The traditions and customs involved in following a particular religion differ from place to place, country to country. The destiny of all religions is not God but hell. As Jesus says,
            Let them alone: they be