Friday, 15 February 2013

Jesus love endures forever!!

Then they despised the pleasant land; they did not believe his promise.
They grumbled in their tents and did not obey the Lord.
                                                                                   Psalms 106: 24, 25

What a sad thing!! God had planned to give a land flowing with milk and honey to the people of Israelites. The people despised the pleasant land the verse says. The pleasant land that God had so carefully planned and kept for his people was despised by them. They were treated as slaves and with so much contempt and disrespect in Egypt that anything they got better than that should have been held by them with utmost happiness. God had kept a land flowing with milk and honey and they despised it. Such a sad thing! They did not believe in his promise the verse further says. God is a faithful God, He is so true to his promises and he has proved it so many times to our forefathers. 

Even to Abraham, God promised and blessed him with Isaac at an advanced age. Our God is a good God, we can never find any fault with any of his acts or words. His words stands through eternity. He loves us very much and promises us with blessings that we cant even imagine about. We have such a kind of God. Not to believe in His promise and to grumble against him and not to obey the Lord is a very wrong thing to do. The Israelites were tortured in Egypt and they cried unto the Lord for them to be delivered. God heard their cry and brought them out of their slavery and trouble to take them to a wonderful and pleasant land. But their hearts were hardened so much that they despised it. They grumbled against the Lord and did not obey him.

How many time have we despised the plan of God? How many times have we not believed in his promises? How many times have we grumbled against the Lord? How many times have we disobeyed the Lord? 

God's plan is always the best for us. God's blessings cannot be bad at all. All he expects us to do is believe in his promises and obey him. Be happy in the place he has kept us in. God's love cannot be fathomed. He stooped down from the heaven to reach to us, to save us. Why should he do it? He could have just let man die in his sins or destroyed the mankind and created man again. But he didn't do so; the reason, love!!

People celebrate the love of one another in this sin filled world. But what actually needs to be celebrated is God's love for us. We should always be sure about the fact that God always plans the best for us. We should surrender ourselves completely to his plans and not despise or grumble or disbelieve or disobey God. God is a good God, His love endures forever!!

Amen!! Hallelujah!

By Carolyn Thomas

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  1. Good One.
    Through him you believe in God, who raised him from the dead and glorified him, and so your faith and hope are in God.