Wednesday, 13 February 2013

God is faithful!!

………………..The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving towards all he has made
                                                                                                                                  Ps 145: 13

We make so many promises in our life. How many do we keep? How many promises we make that cannot be kept? We can go on and on with these questions. But our God is a faithful God. He keeps his promises always. He does not promise one thing and refrain from doing it or making it happen. He loves us so much and that’s the reason why he is faithful to us. We have not been, at many occasions, faithful to the Savior who laid down His life for us.

There is this story of Spurgeon’s Grand father. He had a large family and a very small income, but he loved his Lord, and he would not have given up his preaching of the Gospel for anything. He had a little farm to get his earning from, and he had a cow which used to give milk for his many children, and one day when he came up to the cow it fell back and died. His wife said, `James, how will God provide for the dear children now? What shall we do for milk?' 'he said, `God said He would provide, and I be­lieve He could send us fifty cows if He pleased.'

"It so happened that on that day a number of gentlemen were meeting in London, persons whom he did not know, were sitting as a committee for the distribution of money to poor ministers, and they had given it to all who had asked for it. After the gentlemen had distributed to all who had asked there was five pounds over, and they were considering what they should do with this balance.

"'Well,' said one, `there is a Mr. Spurgeon in Essex, a poor minister. He stands in need of five pounds.' `Oh,' said another, 'don't send him five pounds. I will put five to it. I know him. He is a worthy man.' `No,' said another, 'don't send him ten pounds. I will give another five pounds if somebody else will put a fourth five to it.'

The next morning came a letter that had twenty pounds in it. Amen!!

That is the faithfulness of our God! He knows all our needs. He will provide for us. All we need to do is trust in His love.

Amen!! Hallelujah!!

By Carolyn Thomas

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