Friday, 8 February 2013

Dominion of our Lord!!

for dominion belongs to the Lord and he rules over the nations.

                                                                                               Ps 22:28

When God created man the Bible tells us that He made man a little lower than the angels but man was created to be holy. God created man in His image to dwell in holiness and rule over the entirety of His creation. He did not, however, create man in equity to Himself. It was in His image He made us but not to be equals with God. Man was holy indeed. But, their was One to whom all things were subjugated and under whose domain the entire universe bowed down. That was and is the Son of God, Jesus Christ. 

There was no equity between Adam and Christ beyond the knowledge of sin. Although Adam lived without sin at first, he had the capacity to sin later. Christ, the sinless Son of God, possessed power over sin. Not only did he live without sin, He dwelt in complete dominion over it.

The whole world is under Jesus. When God created Adam, He wanted Adam to rule over the world but he lost his reign to Satan. But now Jesus has the victory over Satan and hence is the reigning king of this world. He rules over the nations. 

He has given us the victory; for all of us who believe on Him. We rule with Jesus. Hence we need not fear for what man will do to us or about the unpleasant or unfavorable situations we face. Jesus reigns! He has the victory! We are more than conquerors through Jesus. So rejoice!! Speak to the situation just as Jesus spoke to the winds in the sea. They will calm down and you will reach the other shore.  

 Brothers and sisters! Your troubling situations may seem like they are going to drown you but be of courage, the Creator is with us, the King is with us. He has the power to turn the situations and bring it under control for you. One word from Him is all you need. That's the dominion He has on everything!! Let's submit to His Dominion!!

Amen! Hallelujah!!

By Carolyn Thomas
Yeshoowa ministries

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