Friday, 8 March 2013


            “Hi Gladys!” shouted Joanna. “How are you?”

There was excitement, happiness and contentment in her voice. She was a happy and cheerful person today. She was not like this before. I remember the days when we used to share our sorrow and look at each other helplessly. Why even last time I saw her, about two days back, she had so many mental tensions. But today... Today it was a different person coming towards me.

            “Hey Gladys, you know I found some one”

So that was it. Joanna was going to get married. That explains her happiness I thought as she continued.

            “I’m so happy today. He took away all my pains and sufferings”

            Pains and sufferings! Did she go to a doctor? What was her sickness?

            “He has filled me with joy and happiness. No more sorrow, No more mourning”.

            What is all this nonsense she is talking? I was unable to understand as she went on and on until I could take it no more “STOP IT” I yelled!

 From what she was saying I could figure out that a ‘person’ was responsible for the change in her life. I controlled my self and asked her calmly. “Who is he? Or what is he? And what does he look like?”

            Joanna replied “He is the most handsome person, the fairest of ten thousand, fairer than the lily of the valley”.

            “Has he won the Mr. Universe Pageant?”  I asked.

            “Oh no, He is the creator of the Universe! He created you and me! He is the omnipotent, omnipresent God. He is Jesus Christ.” Joanna answered calmly.

            “Oh! Jesus Christ. I know him” I said “I’ve seen him in the paintings in the books. I do not find him appealing at all. He has blood and bruises all over his body. More over He is dead and gone. How can you claim that he gave to the joy and happiness” I asked utterly confused.

            “No my friend you do not know the person of Jesus Christ. He is the loveliest person. He loves you and me and that in why he died for our sins. He came into the world to redeem us. For he sins we committed He was bruised and to cleanse our sins, his blood was shed. He did die but He rose from the dead and is alive now. You do not find him appealing because you are not cleansed by his blood and saved from your sins.”

            “Saved from my sins! I’m not a sinner! I’ve not done any crime. I do not need to be saved.”

            “Oh no! Gladys you certainly have to be saved by the blood of Jesus to live eternally in his kingdom. He is the way, the truth and the life. If you want to be in heaven, you have to seek him and find him. Please for friendship sake come with to the church. I’ll show you who Jesus is “He will make you also happy”.

            “OK” said I reluctantly. It was the old Pentecostal church round the corner. The Hallelujah’ sound was audible even before we entered the street. As we entered the church, a strange feeling engulfed me. Something or some one surrounded me. It was all over me. I was afraid and happy. Mixed emotions - a new kind of experience! A chilly and electrifying feeling! No words to explain that kind of experience. I sat on the chair near the entrance itself so that I could slip out without being noticed.

            As the people in the church stood up to worship, I stood up too. That person or thing was still all over me. I could feel it. I looked here and there. I looked at the faces of the people who were worshiping; bright and smiling. I too closed my eyes.

            As I closed, there he was so bright and beautiful, fairer than the lily of valley; his hands and legs with nail marks stretching out towards me. I began to cry. I looked at myself. Oh God! I’m so dirty. The miry clay was all over me. I was stinking and completely soiled with dirt. Yet He called me. I went near him and He began cleaning me with his blood. His red blood made me clean and white as snow. Part by part the cleansing was done. First my head was cleansed. My God how much dirt in my head, all filthy thoughts, pride, haughtiness, jealousy, unforgiveness and much more. I was unable to bear the sight of all those filth, where did all these store up in my head?

            Then my eyes were being cleansed, another load of filth. All that I should not have seen Oh God stinking filth! The words of my mouth stank. How many people have been hurt by the words of my mouth! How many times I’ve spoken against God! Jesus was patiently cleaning my mouth. The words that came out now smelled nice and fragrant. It was a sweet smelling savour to Jesus. He liked it. I repented and cried more. He soothed me and comforted me. I cried all the more.

            He cleansed my hands and legs for all the cleansed my hands and in my past. I began to feet light. All the heaviness from my body had gone. All guilt and sin had been cleansed from me. My heart was being poured out and these was cleansing in my heart too.

            My heart was full with the unwanted and unnecessary things. Jesus didn’t like the uncleanness but the helped me to throw it all out. As I began pouring myself out. He cleaned my heart and prepared it for his to stay. I was much happier. Jesus is going to stay in my heart. How fortunate I’m! I’m clean now. I’m happy now. As the worship ended I emerged as a new person.

            I have the joy and happiness that Joanna has. I now know the man she was talking about. I know him as I should know him: in my heart not as in the paintings of some book.

            Do you know Jesus? Would you like to receive the happiness and Joy I have?

            Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and surrender yourself unto him completely. He will fill you with joy and peace and will lead you to the eternal home.

“ For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

John 3:16

            May God bless you.   Amen. Hallelujah!!

By Carolyn Thomas

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