Wednesday, 20 March 2013

God of Joseph!!

Joseph is such a wonderful character in the bible. He was the most loved child of Jacob since he was the son of Rachel, the one Jacob loved the most. Joseph was the one envied by his brothers the most. Joseph was the one hated by his brothers the most. They were waiting to find a chance to kill him so that they could get their father's attention. 

Matters worsened when Joseph shared his dreams about his brothers' sheaves bowing to his. This was only compounded by his second dream wherein the sun and moon (dad and mom) joined his eleven brothers in bowing before him. Even his dad was upset with the implications of this one.

The decision to sell Joseph to the Midianite merchantmen rather than have him die in the cistern spared his life but permanently sealed his fate. Joseph was bought by Potiphar, an Egyptian, the captain of Pharaoh's guard for an undisclosed amount of money. And the Lord was with Joseph (Gen. 39:2). In no time at all, Joseph had proved his mettle and Potiphar made him an overseer in his house. The Lord continued to bless Potiphar's household.

Joseph was thrown into prison with the Lord's prisoners. Perhaps Potiphar didn't totally believe the story his wife told him, but he had to do something to save face. Potiphar's job was to oversee these prisoners. And the Lord was with Joseph.

The Lord was with Joseph always, wherever and whenever. Pharaoh hired Joseph, giving him his signet ring (a symbol of authority), a new name (Zaphenath-paneah, meaning either God speaks and he lives, or that God has said: he will live), and an Egyptian wife, Asenath, daughter of Potiphera, Priest of On. 

His dreams come true. Jacob calls Joseph his father. He provides for his family. He is exalted by God!! What a wonderful thing!  There is much to learn from the life of Joseph. We need to be obedient to God's words. Be patient and calm and truly trust in the Lord because his plans will come to pass no matter what. 

God had a plan for Joseph and in spite of all the troubles and detour. Actually it was not a detour it was the plan of God as Joseph says in the bible. 

Lets wait upon the Lord for the plans in our life to come to pass.

Amen! Hallelujah!!

By Carolyn Thomas

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