Monday, 11 March 2013

Nice ones!!

Just sharing a few posters I found while I was browsing through the net. Simple and beautiful lines that mean so much to us!!


Life is definitely hard but what a solace! Jesus is our ever present help at all times!! All we need to do is ask, call on his name and be delivered!!


These 3 words are the essence of Christian life!! 



It is man who changes every second. There is a saying that says that the heart of a man is like a monkey. A monkey cannot sit still on a tree branch, it keeps jumping around so is the man's heart. JESUS never changes!! That's why we can put our trust on him always!!

Now this is the promise that keeps us going! Whoever shall call on the Lord! It doesn't matter if you are rich, poor, white, black, man or woman, if you are a human you can call on the Lord!! Amen!!

Amen! Be blessed!!

Shared by Carolyn Thomas

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