Saturday, 6 April 2013

God of Impossibilities!!

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5,... ",

"What are you doing my lord?" asked Sarah to Abraham who was counting something.

"I am counting the stars my dear", answered Abraham.

"Counting the stars?!!, oh my lord, is it even possible to think about counting the stars. How can you count these countless ones? Where did you get the idea of doing this?" asked Sarah looking seemingly confused.
"My dear, the Lord our God said that our descendants would be like these countless stars in the sky", said Abraham.


Sarah was all the more confused, shocked and reacted by laughing out loud. "How can you even think that this is possible with us, my lord? You are over 90. Your body is as good as dead and as for me, the way of woman has ceased, I can't and am no longer fit to bear children. Why would our Lord say so when He knows all these?", she asked.

"Sarah, He is our creator! He can create anything from nothing! Remember He changed our names from Abiram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah? The creation started from that point in us dear. All the dead things have started to function in us and we are getting fitter day by day. The Lord told me this and now I trust in Him. Trust in Him Sarah, we will have descendants as countless as these stars", Abraham replied.

This is the possible conversation that must have happened between Abraham and Sarah. God promised the impossible (according to man) to Abraham but with God all things are possible. In our lives many things may seem impossible and dead but remember our God is a God of impossibilities. He will make all things happen, all we need to do is trust in his promises.

Trust in the Lord and don't despair, He is a friend so true to you,
No matter what your troubles are, Jesus will see you through!!

Amen! Hallelujah!!

By Carolyn Thomas
Yeshoowa ministries

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