Monday, 8 April 2013

Ten plagues and ten Egyptian gods!!

The God of Israel is greater than all other Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

 God reached out to the Egyptian people. He showed them his power in ways they understood and could not ignore, He demonstrated the futility and falseness of their religion, and He offered them every opportunity to turn to Him.

1. Nile water into blood 
a. Hapi: god of the Nile

2. Frogs
a. Heket, Hekhet, or Heqt: Egyptian goddess of Fertility,
Water, Renewal; frog-headed

3. Gnats or Lice from dust
a. Geb: Egyptian god of the Earth; also
b. Khepri: Egyptian god of creation, movement of the
Sun, rebirth; beetle-headed
c. Thoth: one time considered god of magic,
failed along with magicians (or priests) to duplicate
conjuring of gnats or lice.

4. Flies (gadflies)
a. Khepri: Egyptian god of resurrection, creation,
movement of the Sun, rebirth; beetle-headed

5. Cattle/livestock disease
a. Hathor: goddess of love and protection; possibly
absorbed Bat, the cow-headed goddess.
b. bull cult gods Apis, Buchis, and Mneuis
c. bulls sometimes considered embodiment of Ptah and Ra

6. Boils
a. Isis: goddess of medicine and peace
b. Im-Hotep: real person turned deity, patron of wisdom and medicine
c. Sekhmet: lion-headed deity of plagues, believed to
bring about or prevent epidemics or pestilence

7. Thunder/hail
a. Nut: Sky goddess
b. Shu: god of air; associated with calm or cooling
c. Tefnut: goddess of water/moisture; linked to sun and moon
d. Seth: associated primarily with chaos
but also thunder, the desert, and infertility.

8. Locusts
a. Senehem: possibly locust-headed, god of protection
from ravages of pests

9. Darkness
a. Ra or Amon-Ra: god of the sun
b. Horus: sky god; sun was his right eye, moon his left.

10. Death of the firstborn
a. Pharaoh himself
b. Min: god of reproduction
c. Ra: god who was believed to create all things
d. Anubis: god of the dead and embalming;
Ex 11:7 refers to no dogs barking,
possibly referring to jackal(or dog)-headed
Anubis having no power over Israelites during this plague.

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Carolyn Thomas
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